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Interest Application
Thank you for your interest in Georgia Power’s program for multifamily properties.

Please note: This program does not provide financial assistance. For programs that provide financial assistance visit our website, here.

Complete the interest form to provide the Georgia Power Residential Energy Efficiency program team with information about your property and learn if the Home Energy Improvement Program for Multifamily Properties or the Energy Assistance for Savings & Efficiency for Multifamily Properties is the right choice for your project. 

Georgia Power's Residential Energy Efficiency Programs exist on a 3-year cycle and availability is not guaranteed.  The current Georgia Power program cycle is January 2023 - December 2025.

Important Criteria            * Typically a property that is older than 10 years of age is a good potential candidate.

Home Energy Improvement Program Participation Process
  1. Multifamily Home Energy Improvement Program contractor reviews potential participation with property representative. If property representative wishes to move forward, participating contractor submits a Multifamily Whole House Reservation request.
  2. Participating contractor receives a reservation approval or rejection.
  3. If rejected, the participating contractor informs the property representative.
  4. The participating contractor completes and submits the sampling plan for review. Once the sampling plan has been approved the contractor must complete and submit sample energy models within 30 days.
    • Sampling plan and sample energy models must be submitted within the required timeline and must show that the project is eligible in order for the reservation to be valid. Reservations without an approved sampling plan will be canceled.
      • Reserved projects must abide by program requirements, otherwise the reservation is invalid. The participating contractor must provide:
        • Submit interest form
        • Scope of work
        • Construction schedule
        • Sampling plan
        • Site map
        • Test-in energy model
  5. Completed projects are submitted to the online application. An approved and valid Multifamily Reservation must be associated with the application.
PLEASE NOTE: Home Energy Improvement Program Multifamily Reservations are valid for one calendar year and expire annually on December 1st.  Reservations may renew according to program availability.

Energy Assistance for Savings & Efficiency Participation Process
  1. Submit interest form.
  2. Georgia Power Program Representative will contact you to discuss project details.
  3. Georgia Power Representative will complete Home Energy Assessments on a representative sample of units to determine eligibility.
  4. Improvements are made to the property by a Energy Assistance for Savings & Efficiency participating contractor.
  5. Georgia Power Representative will complete verification of improvements.

Required Information
Move quickly through the Interest Form submission process by gathering the following information and items in advance:
Important Note: In light of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic it is important to note this program may require both Georgia Power employees and program contractors to be within your home/unit for an extended period of time. These activities will require both an assessment of your home/unit and the potential installation of energy efficiency improvements. By agreeing to participate in this program, you further understand that Georgia Power cannot be held liable for the transmission of any COVID-19 related symptoms or infections associated with the course of this work.

By clicking "Begin Application" I acknowledge reviewing the Home Energy Improvement Program and Energy Assistance for Savings & Efficiency multifamily program requirements.

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